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154 gal 72"x72"x14" ASTM PAD EYE-STYLE WASHOUT PAN

154 gal 72"x72"x14" ASTM PAD EYE-STYLE WASHOUT PAN

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Flat floor - pyramid design - for best release of materials. No liner needed!

Designed for concrete mixer truck washout and concrete pump truck priming.

Recommended:  Optional steel SWPPP rain lid for this pan

County of origin: North America 

Warranty: Lifetime 

Dimensions: 72x72x14"

Actual height: 14"

Liquid and solid volume:

154 Gallon capacity 

616 US Liquid quart

20.5 Cubic foot

583 Liter

Approximate tare weight: 942 lbs

ASTM material grades:

Plate A36

Pad eye plate A572 Gr. 50

Pad eye hole size 1 1/8"

Channel: A36

Angle: A36

Weld: AWS E70XX

Lifting links: OSHA compliant Crosby and Pewag overhead rated lifting links

Optional watertight rain lid 

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