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Stackable Steel Rain Lid with Dual Crosby/Pewag Lifting Points for Concrete Washout Pans

Stackable Steel Rain Lid with Dual Crosby/Pewag Lifting Points for Concrete Washout Pans


Many of our customers purchase our Stackable Steel Rain Lid along with their Concrete Washout Pans as a complete solution for their job sites. To make it easy and affordable, we offer free shipping when the lid and pans are purchased together.

Compliance with SWPPP plans has never been easier with our durable steel rain lid that features a nitrile watertight seal and two Crosby or Pewag lifting points. The lid is designed to stack with up to six concrete washout pans, saving you valuable space on the job site.

So, order our Stackable Steel Rain Lid with your Concrete Washout Pans today and enjoy the convenience of a complete solution that is not only SWPPP compliant but also practical and affordable.

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At Washout Pan, we prioritize the safety of our products and their users. It is crucial that our customers and users are familiar with the safe use, proper care, and application of PAN LLC products. Before using our products, please review the following safety information and guidelines.

Current Load Test Data:

  • Test Date: 01/29/2019
  • Load Test Weight: 36,500 lbs
  • Single Load Limit: 17,500 lbs
  • Spreader Load Limit: 23,000 lbs
  • Certificate(s): TM29646-00

Safety Guidelines:

  1. PAN LLC is one component of the overall lifting system. All components of the lifting system must be reviewed, designed, and signed off by a qualified engineer before use.
  2. Follow inspection requirements per ASME B30.20, including frequent and periodic inspections.
  3. DO NOT lift people, leave suspended, or make any alterations or repairs to the pan.
  4. DO NOT lift loads higher than necessary, over people, or while in the way of suspended loads.
  5. DO NOT remove or obscure warning labels, fill more than 3/4 of listed volume capacity, or operate a damaged or uncertified pan.
  6. DO NOT exceed the rated load or lift loads other than trade washout.

User Responsibilities:

The user is responsible for the safe use, proper care, and application of PAN LLC products. Failure of the product can occur due to misapplication, abuse, overloading, improper care, or lack of maintenance. Familiarize yourself with government and industry standards, including ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1, as well as your company's safety policies.

Load Test Ratings:

Load test ratings provided by PAN LLC are only applicable to like-new condition products. Request Devco Engineering Calculation Packets on a case-by-case basis for safety requirements. Load test data is per model, not each pan.

Safety Labels:

All nameplates and warning labels must be visible. Contact PAN LLC to replace equipment safety labels.

Warranty and Registration:

Please read our warranty and register your product within 30 days.

Product Appearance and Availability:

Product appearance may vary based on material availability, including lifting links, color, markings, and raw materials costs. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Country of origin will always be North America.

For more information, visit or contact us with any questions or concerns about our products and safety guidelines.