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OSHA Regulations

OSHA Regulations for rigging steel pan containers - You are safe with us!

At PAN LLC, we prioritize safety on the job-site. When our containers are moved or lifted with a forklift, crane, or knuckle boom, it is essential to adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. This page outlines the key OSHA regulations that apply to our products when they are being used on the job-site and highlights the safety features of our containers.

  1. Slings:

The lifting straps of our containers are considered slings, and the use of slings with cranes and derricks in construction must comply with OSHA regulations. According to OSHA regulations, polyester and polypropylene web slings must not be used when caustic vapors, sprays, mists, or liquids are present. When handling materials with a high pH level, such as liquid concrete, it is crucial to ensure that the slings are not exposed to these substances.

  1. Knuckle-Boom Cranes:

The regulations for the operation of articulating "knuckle boom" cranes can be found in both Group 13 of the General Industry Safety Orders and Article 15 of the Construction Safety Orders. Depending on the type of work being performed, either of these subchapters may apply.

  1. Below-the-Hook Equipment:

The term "below-the-hook equipment" is not used in OSHA regulations. However, it is required that all slings in use have identification markings. The four-legged bridal attached to the steel containment pans must have legible markings indicating their rated capacity. Specific requirements for marking various types of slings, such as chains, wire ropes, or synthetic materials, can be found in Article 101 of the California Code of Regulations, title 8 General Industry Safety Orders.

  1. PAN LLC Containers Safety Features:

All of our products have equipment identification plates and QR codes on all four sides of the pans. These QR codes allow instant online access to our stamped and certified engineering calculation data packets and our OSHA certified load testing lab live load test certificates. Every pan model we make in North America has successfully passed a massive 36,500 lbs live load test. No pans we've made have ever failed during testing due to the quality of the materials and skilled engineers in California who make us the most successful and safe product in the world.

It is essential for all users of PAN LLC Containers, including lift operators, to read and understand the engineering calculation packets rigging requirements. Proper use and compliance with OSHA regulations, combined with our safety features, will help ensure a safe and efficient job-site environment.